Welcome to Betting Emporium


(Joe Beevers' intro to bettingemporium.com that launched in March 2013)

Betting Emporium was actually conceived over 20 years ago by my late father. He loved a bet but what's more he loved an edge. This was before the internet, before betting exchanges or odds comparison websites and still he found them. In ways it was much more difficult but in others much easier too. I mean if we didn't have these tools then neither did the bookmakers. I don't mind a little hard work but compared to my father I was lazy. He was happy to spend hours putting football results, or horse racing data, into various programs on early PCs for analysis. I remember sometimes he would spend hours doing it and then the 16k memory extension in the back of the ZX81 would wobble and he'd have to do it all over again!

Some of the principals remain from his work. The beauty now is that what might take him 10+ hours I can, with thanks to a great programmer, do in about 30 seconds.

The Premiership tips are only the tip of the iceberg. Neil will shortly be bringing you his infamous Cheltenham write ups and there are plans to add other writers and tipsters, perhaps odds comparison tools and likely some kind of sports betting training. In poker 10-15 years ago there was very little educational material, perhaps one or two books. Now there are hundreds of books, coaching sites, seminars, training videos, boot camps etc. Sports betting hasn't really experienced that and we will look at exploring that too.

We'll also help you find the best prices, try and teach you to know which way the price might move pre game and why it does and also help you get the best sign up offers and bonuses.

Some of the bets we advise might see the prices change, they might see you get knocked back and even see you have winning accounts closed. We'll try our best to keep on top of that but most bookmakers don't like to lose either. If they throw in the towel and close you down you smile knowing that you beat them and move on. There are plenty of ways to stay in action.