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Owen Richards @TheGreenG0blin

@brodders_be you smashed it again! Thank you!! My other half thinks I'm doing something illegal, ha! @bettingemporium


Craig Edwards @slinkybod81 (Replying to Owen Richards, you, and BEBrodders

lol mine was same last year pal, shipped her off on a cruise with the winnings #soongotoverit


Justin ‏@1freezergeezer 1

Following @bettingemporium @SenseiChanning is like planting money trees! Sometimes you get a little but on weeks like this #50+%roi


Sam Smart @sammyflyinghigh

@bettingemporium @tighty brilliant RWC package. Fantastic research and write ups ending with a lovely profit. Has changed the way I bet!


"Not only have his Euro results been superlative but he's been on the ball and incisive for the entire tournament. The returns have been nothing short of spectacular and I haven't failed to notice that unlike many tipsters his prices are always available and err on the side of being fair to the subscriber; an example that many could learn from." (Mr PM 2nd July)


gerry moriarty ‏@tankard999

@bettingemporium bumper payday again today,nice one brodders,love the correct score paying 11/2


danny gough ‏@dgoughy

Class weekend from brodders @bettingemporium


Dan Whittaker ‏@AcesElky

@bettingemporium Is Brodders a wizard?


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@bettingemporium the doubles and trebles with that 11/2 shot give things a boost as well. What an incredible run from Brodders.


gerry moriarty ‏@tankard999 2

@bettingemporium brodders is on fire,long may it last.


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@bettingemporium @havenrl @Spiersey007 just heading out for the night. Drinks are on Brodders (again).


Shaun Craig ‏@havenrl

@bettingemporium ole ole ole, brodders the man, ole ole ole, variance ko'd in the 10th!! well done brodders!!


Nick Spiers ‏@Spiersey007

@bettingemporium Whoop Whoop


Steven Rice ‏@StevenRice1975

@redarmi123 @bettingemporium nice job today in the championship not just Brodders who knows his football!


Shaun Craig ‏@havenrl

@bettingemporium brodders back on fire, 5 wins 2 pushes from last 7 bets... monies rolling in...


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@bettingemporium Brodders keeps his powder dry and then BANG!


Nick Spiers ‏@Spiersey007

@CosmoKramer92 @bettingemporium Was just coming to post, 4 for 4 sweet


John ‏@CosmoKramer92

@bettingemporium Yes! My last two days have just been spent wandering the streets aimlessly while waiting for a Brodders write up!


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@Spiersey007 @bettingemporium and Brodders doesn’t let you down! Boom. 5 from 5 today so far.


Ollie Noonan ‏@OllieNoonan1

Best in the business - @SenseiChanning . Go and take a look at @bettingemporium if you like money.



Allan Forsyth ‏@AllanForsyth

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning Top tips, Neil - amazing result. A nice 4-figure win to start the weekend!



James Rann ‏@jpRANN

Big thanks to @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium! Great tips! Anyone who likes money should sign up to his service!



Zynth ‏@zynth

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium top tipping as usual from the best!!



Matt Comstive ‏@ComstiveM3

@tighty @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium wow hats off! #BookieBashing



Dean ‏@Deanbok

@tighty @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium What a result for first step on Road to Riches! Amralahhh! Glad I still took a punt at 22-1. Thanks



GarethSpecialness ‏@Leedsladpoker

@bettingemporium everytime @SenseiChanning gives a horse racing tip it makes my dick move. Love it fellas. Just love it



Patrick Winterbottom ‏@paddyjim

The genius that is @SenseiChanning and @bettingemporium with a 25/1 winner in their new 'Free Tip of the Week'!!!



James Edwards ‏@thinkerje

@tighty @bettingemporium @SenseiChanning Just the 25/1 winner and 3rd for good measure too!!!



Dave Clayton ‏@BenBulben40

@bettingemporium Stunning write up and result from 2.40 Newb. I take my hat off to you. Just a shame Spencer ruined my rf/c :-)



Ian Bradley ‏@ijbrads66

Made a nice profit on the Open thanks to @bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning and a whisker from heaps, follow unless you don't like money


Ed Killworth ‏@eduardoamigo

@bettingemporium A 1st & a 3rd in the same race. You beauty, Neil. Thanks.



Matt Felwick ‏@SpikiestMatt

Too easy: read @bettingemporium post; place bet; forget race; check balance later; kerching! @SenseiChanning you're so sick you're diseased.



stephen g hall ‏@britpokergossip

Why the Brits stayed at home this summer:@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium 25/1 winner.#legend



Steven Rice ‏@StevenRice1975

@bettingemporium good start for The Road to Riches. Nice @SenseiChanning has left room for improvement, 1st and 2nd next week?! Great work.



Ben Page ‏@benpageuk

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning @tighty fantastic tip and just over £5k up on the first free bet.



Andy Ciesielski ‏@AndyCiesielski

@chipaccrual @SenseiChanning @tighty @bettingemporium What a tip, excellent start to the weekend. Nice work fellas.



Leigh Wiltshire ‏@chipaccrual

Impressive skills @SenseiChanning & @bettingemporium , as free tips go, that was pretty special.



Alex & Lisa ‏@bombsbits

Boom... Thanks for the tip @joebeevers @bettingemporium @tighty @SenseiChanning #Winning looking forward to more great tips



gerry moriarty ‏@tankard999 Jul 5

@bettingemporium just got in from work to find your tip on kvitova wins the final.thanks so much.16-1,great tip.


Paul Seaton ‏@PaulSeaton Jul 5

Excellent tipping from @bettingemporium Kvitova at 16's e/w very very good really pleased for them, great site!


Ian B ‏@sparky2907 Jul 5

The Emporium strikes back, Kvitova tipped at 16s by @bettingemporium wins Wimbledon women's singles


Chris Slade ‏@chrisblueprint Jul 5

Fantastic 16/1 Wimbledon tip from @bettingemporium for Kvitova. #quidsin


Mark Stuart ‏@MarkIStuart Jul 5

Come on Kvitova! Great outright tip at 16/1 e/w from @seeley_nigel and the team at @bettingemporium


tim billington ‏@timbillington Jun 29

@bettingemporium pays for itself 2 days into the knock out stages. Thanks guys.


Pat O Callaghan ‏@carrigeen68 Jun 26

Get in there my first ever first goalscorer and takes 6mins thank you @bettingemporium #worldcup


Ian Anderson ‏@boxcarfred May 21

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning @redarmi123 @joebeevers all my followers who like a punt need to follow these guys - +EV all the time …


Kevin Allen ‏@GamblingPays

The @SenseiChanning legacy grows, a 370 point profit over the 3 days inc the national winner! If you like money subscribe @bettingemporium


Billy Morgan ‏@bmogs88

If anybody is after tips for Royal Ascot next week the biggest tip would be subscribing to @bettingemporium. #BookieBashers


Lee Davy ‏@Chingster23

If you want to turn a punt into an investment. Then get your arse over to the @bettingemporium. Beevers & Channing have something special.


David Newson

An amazing day at Ascot yesterday. 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. A winner in every single race... Huge thanks to Neil Channing and Joe Beevers and their site BettingEmporium.com a MASSIVE winner for the day. ‪#‎hartnellgavemeaheartattack‬


Tom Wilde ‏@TWilde91

.@SenseiChanning is +970 points for Cheltenham, Aintree and Ascot on @bettingemporium. The man knows his donkeys.


GarethSpecialness ‏@Leedsladpoker

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium pretty disappointed to only get 4 bloody winners today. 6 is all the fashion these days. Try harder


Rich ‏@wowsickriver

Neiiiiiiil, you're getting more and more handsome looking as Royal Ascot progresses! @bettingemporium @SenseiChanning


Robert Burdett ‏@vanquisheruk

@bettingemporium All I can say is WOW.


Sam Razavi ‏@Sam_Razavi

Who needs Vegas when you have @bettingemporium ?!?


Duncan Jones ‏@dunkjonesy

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium amazing day! thankyou very much guys!!!


Billy Morgan ‏@bmogs88 Apr 6

After the weekend @SenseiChanning has had I think @bettingemporium should be illegal. Thanks.


Bert Hazell ‏@BertHazell Apr 5

£40 now seems an utter steal. +271 points on the day! Absolutely astonishing. Judge them on their results! Thank you @bettingemporium


Mark Stuart ‏@MarkIStuart Apr 5

Huge shout out to @SenseiChanning & @bettingemporium who gave some awesome tips for Aintree this week, including National winner. Brilliant!


Sam Razavi ‏@Sam_Razavi Apr 5

Great news to arrive to in Cebu. I should prob just quit poker and follow @bettingemporium , great ROI thanks @SenseiChanning !


ben triptek ‏@BenTriptek Apr 5

mr channing et al @bettingemporium you sirs are dons of the highest level. me and a few friends are happy bristol badgers :) @snrmonkeyboy


Tristan Chaplin ‏@Tristiano842 Apr 5

even more fantastic work from @bettingemporium another winning festival


Christian Williams ‏@snrmonkeyboy Apr 5

Good work today by @bettingemporium so much thought into the selections #easymoney


Pa Walsh ‏@Daw_18 Apr 5

@bettingemporium booom again!!! thank you for the car @SenseiChanning #notfinishedyet #pineaudere


Ross Jarvis ‏@Starch_Jarvis Apr 5

@jeffkimberpoker @bettingemporium @SenseiChanning It doesn't even seem real does it?


Jeff Kimber ‏@jeffkimberpoker Apr 5

Too easy for @bettingemporium as @SenseiChanning tips the Grand National winner at 28/1, plus some big ew places #anotherwinner


Giles ‏@jamie_giles Apr 5

.@bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning have absolutely crushed aintree wp, money well spent


Omm ‏@scottoreilly Apr 5

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium different class, well done, great day, fantastic work. Keep em coming.


Matt Felwick ‏@SpikiestMatt Apr 5

Sorry to correct you, Ms Balding, but it wasn't a shock thanks to @bettingemporium and the legend that is @SenseiChanning 1st & 4th. Boom.


Jeff Kimber ‏@jeffkimberpoker Apr 5

Oioi 14/1 winner for @bettingemporium, big bet advised too. This horse punting's easy, just let @SenseiChanning do the hard work #winner


Pa Walsh ‏@Daw_18 Apr 5

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning boooom again nearly got in the tv coming to the line #thankyouforthecash pic.twitter.com/KMJ2O6HgUg


Fred Palley ‏@FredPalley Apr 4

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium Up to their old tricks again...picking out tasty winners


Jeff Kimber ‏@jeffkimberpoker Apr 4

Oioi 14/1 winner for @bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning, plus 25/1 place for good measure. How can u afford not to subscribe?!


Keith Hawkins ‏@keiththecamel Apr 4

Channing at @bettingemporium proves the old saying is correct "the more you practice the luckier you get", Get the beers in!


Ken Powell ‏@kpnuts134

@SenseiChanning bashing the bookies as usual with his @bettingemporium #NFL tips. Hope u filled ur boots with spread firms on this shootout!


gaz ‏@Leedsladpoker

@bettingemporium mbn!!! @SenseiChanning is gold. Pure genius year in year out good sir


Rob Swindells ‏@swinebag22

Amazing NFL selections from @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium Paid off my sub already. Just gutted I missed the price on The Jaguars


James Edwards ‏@thinkerje

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium outstanding tipping sir


Jesse May ‏@ScurrilousMay

Worth every penny. @SenseiChanning puts the work in.


Myles Phago ‏@mylesfdo

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium and BOOM!!........this guys the absolute DON!!......winner winner in the 2nd and 2 placed in the first!!


Ryan Williams: that superbowl write up just made me 4 figs, good value for money thanks


Mark Danger Watkins ‏@cuckfena

@ajblox99 always check @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium for #nfl bets. Amazing analysis in them


Tim Billington @timbillington

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning bang on it again. 4 from 4 in the odds against #EPL goals overs. Just the 21 goals in those games.



Finding out the results in advance every week from Neil spoils (watching) the NFL for me.


Sam Anderson ‏@sam1984anderson

@SenseiChanning love your stuff on @bettingemporium it's well written, thought out and interesting. Keep it coming!


JemRacingJake ‏@Jem_RacingJake

Day off today - If any of my punters are following @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium the shop will be busto already ! Great tipping


Nick Wealthall ‏@nickwealthall

Great NFL analysis @SenseiChanning on @bettingemporium as ever this week. Read it if you have an interest in the NFL or you know ..money


Justin ‏@1freezergeezer

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium just at work couldn't listen or watch!! Confirmation #bookiesbashed you my sir are gent! Gl in Vegas!


Jim Knight ‏@JimKnight88

Some good work being done by @SenseiChanning and Co. over at @bettingemporium tonight - well worth a look for NFL betting advice.


Andy Browne ‏@AndyBrowne

Should imagine @SenseiChanning is a very happy man tonight. Some top tips from @bettingemporium so far pic.twitter.com/AiRa0MrX1Y

Jeff Kimber ‏@jeffkimberpoker

Gotta give props to @SenseiChanning and his NFL bets @bettingemporium Even dusted off the spread betting account to get the lot on Dallas :)


William De Ritter ‏@Will_Degenerate

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium Looks like Jim McGrath and Emma Spencer are following your tips. Both tipped Mirsaale on The Morning Line.


 Rob Swindells ‏@swinebag22 16h

Boom!! All wrapped up before 9 as well. Tyvm to @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium for some top NFL tips.....again!


Robert Burdett ‏@vanquisheruk

@bettingemporium WooHoo... great start to the meeting 10-1 winner. Keep up the good work.


James Edwards ‏@thinkerje 1h

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium yet another winning weekend - top tipping sir


Rob Swindells ‏@swinebag22

Thanks for the NFL tips @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium though maybe have to thank the Redskin offense more :)


Jamie Burland ‏@JamieBurland

Love @SenseiChanning tips on @bettingemporium casual 14 point bets, not fucking shy at all that man


Ruairi Boyle ‏@boyle_over

@SenseiChanning @kemptonparkrace @SkyBet Neil, see what's happens when you follow @bettingemporium - can't get a bet on


Allan ‏@matchbookallan

These guys so good @bettingemporium @SenseiChanning that they are worthy a RT. Enjoy Week 7 picks! http://www.bettingemporium.com  #NFL


Steve Cash ‏@stevegnomee

Shame I can't bet on under 10s football! At least I can predict that! Failing that @bettingemporium have given good advice for tonight #NFL


Ben Picken ‏@BenjiPicken

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium ?￰゚ムヘ?￰゚マネ?￰゚マネ?￰゚メᄋ? Smashed the Broncos over 55.5 and the 49ers under 62.5. #Blackbelt in #NFL sports betting.


James Edwards ‏@thinkerje

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning great call in broncos cowboys game


Mark Danger Watkins ‏@cuckfena

One of the great things about @bettingemporium if @SenseiChanning had no tips he says so and doesn't try to just make something up


Adam Smith ‏@adasmith09

Make sure you look at the excellent NFL Tips on @bettingemporium today

Andy Browne ‏@AndyBrowne

Cracking 18pt profit so far on the #NFL from @SenseiChanning and @bettingemporium. Really top tipping as usual. pic.twitter.com/xc8DRcMEpv

Ben Picken ‏@BenjiPicken

Had a nice winner on #Under (Miami and Tampa) and H/Cap, Cincinatti and Buffalo thanks to @senseichanning and @bettingemporium. #NFL


Ed Campion ‏@EdCampion1

Great start to the season with 4 winners from 4 tips @bettingemporium


Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

Worse things than @bettingemporium 3 from 3 last weekend! Latest Prem League tips up NOW. Free to reg users. #premierleaguepredictions


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@SenseiChanning you are good at this aren’t you? 2 out of 2 for @bettingemporium. Thanks.


Lee Crane ‏@DoubleAgent22

“@bettingemporium: Good start to season for http://Bettingemporium.com . Two out of two #EPL”. I'm on. Gotta follow the consistent profit


James Edwards ‏@thinkerje

@bettingemporium great start to premier league tips


Adam Smith ‏@adasmith09

What ever you do follow @bettingemporium and win plenty of money! #epl

Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

Looking forward to another profitable season with @bettingemporium #EPL2013


Lee Brooke-Pearce ‏@LeftHandLee

Grrrrr Ive failed to be alive for the @SenseiChanning tips for Ascot this morning and missed an 11-1 winner @bettingemporium


Tony Teasdale ‏@tonytea172

Thanks to @bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning for going again with #Estimate #betlaybet


Leighton Cumber ‏@LeightonCumber

@bettingemporium running things with royal ascot tips. 2nd and 3rd in the first and the winner in the second

Allan ‏@matchbookallan

@SenseiChanning @joebeevers Channing strikes again @bettingemporium: "Of course I've laid Animal Kingdom at Evs..." BOOOOM!


Jon Laud ‏@JonLaud

@bettingemporium Fabulous start to Royal Ascot - Laid the favourite and backed 2nd & 3rd e/w thanks to the magician that is @SenseiChanning


Myles Phago ‏@mylesfdo

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium spot on from the channing again!..great start with 2nd & 3rd for the place money nd tidy profit.cheers mate


Lee Davy ‏@Chingster23

Nice to see @SenseiChanning and @BettingEmporium back on form in the Derby.


Lee Brooke-Pearce ‏@LeftHandLee

Im outraged that @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium only picked 2 of the 3 lol #cheekpieces


Joe Nanson ‏@JoeNanson

@bettingemporium @SenseiChanning Thanks for the Derby tips 2nd and 3rd will pay for a few drinks tonight.


Mark Stuart ‏@MarkIStuart

Second and third tips in the Derby from @bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning. Solid stuff.


Andy Browne ‏@AndyBrowne

Top tipping from @SenseiChanning and @bettingemporium for the 2nd & 3rd :)


tim billington ‏@timbillington

@SenseiChanning @1freezergeezer @bettingemporium *only* the 2nd and 3rd. Thank you!

gaz ‏@Leedsladpoker

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium happiness is getting on a 100/1 shot before it comes into 40s #onetime


Andrew Pyrah ‏@Pyrah_Jnr

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium you can't ignore a 100/1 shot when its tipped up by a master. The satchel is open and ready to be filled.


Nick ‏@FishyG1

Cheers to @SenseiChanning at @bettingemporium for the tips on the Masters! Such good value. #holdonetime


mozman ‏@wolfmozman

following @bettingemporium tips in the masters, excellent tipsters and not bad poker players either

William De Ritter ‏@Will_Degenerate

Great fun following @SenseiChanning tips on @bettingemporium again. Looking forward to the next meeting you cover.


Paul Blundell ‏@blundell

@SenseiChanning thanks Neil, due to your site @bettingemporium - I won some money, OK only a little bit, but every little helps!


rustycee ‏@rusty_cee

@MrDarrison free good tips from top tipsters @SenseiChanning @joebeevers on http://bettingemporium.com  well worth registering @bettingemporium


peter palladas ‏@PeterPalladas

@bettingemporium This looks good! Thanks for the Aintree info today. Betting boots are on!


Paul Seaton ‏@PaulSeaton

A few followers not sure how to work @bettingemporium tips for Aintree. 1. Register 2. Do what @SenseiChanning tells you 3. Bank the profits


rustycee ‏@rusty_cee

@joebeevers @senseichanning @bettingemporium stuck in with flu couldnt get bets on as need to go out to banks to physically move money #marv

James Hindle ‏@jameshindle82

2 out of 2! @bettingemporium


Phil Heald ‏@TheTower68

@SenseiChanning .. Does it again. @bettingemporium free rolling the meeting.. #youdaman


Ken Powell ‏@kpnuts134

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium 25pts up on the bookies already after Aintree race 1. #toptipping


JT ‏@TweetsByJT

Been all over @bettingemporium since Cheltenham, @SenseiChanning knows his horses! Great first result from #aintree


Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

@SenseiChanning on @bettingemporium You need to follow this. #Marvellous


. ‏@dyfp 4

Boom ! @bettingemporium and @SenseiChanning do it again. First race a winner. Thanks guys


Esky_PP ‏@Esky_PP

@bettingemporium very nice .. TY


Ollie Noonan ‏@OllieNoonan1

Once again @SenseiChanning giving winners out for free at @bettingemporium. Makes sense to check it out.


Adam Smith ‏@adasmith09

Great start for @SenseiChanning with the winner in the first on @bettingemporium seriously you need to join. Can you afford not to? #value


James Hindle ‏@jameshindle82

Well what a start!! Keep it up! @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium


Glynn is king ‏@AudioBashBen

What a life!!! @SenseiChanning @bettingemporium

Allan ‏@matchbookallan

Ladies Day tomorrow - going to Aintree with 28 guys. We believe in @SenseiChanning and @bettingemporium 2 give us a happy Festival weekend

Paul Seaton ‏@PaulSeaton

I'd recommend signing up to register at @bettingemporium ahead of the Grand National. @SenseiChanning made punters rich at Cheltenham! GL

Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

Also done @bettingemporium over unders on the Premier League. 4 selections for free, just reg takes 2mins #FreeMoney #ILikeIt


Tom McNally ‏@TomMcNally20

@Arron_Blackham @moggs1991 check @bettingemporium out if you wanna make some easy money lads

Lee Davy ‏@Chingster23

Am I the only person suffering from @Bettingemporium withdrawal symptoms?Cum on world give @SenseiChanning & @Joebeevers something to bet on


James Hindle ‏@jameshindle82

@bettingemporium nice 20/1 each way to finish the festival. Thank you @SenseiChanning


Richard Hunt ‏@Drarr

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium fantastic tips all week! Many thanks for the £s & education

Babis .Gilly. Lappas ‏@SendTheNuts

@bettingemporium couple of nice tips today got us out of it ! Lumped big on the Drumshambo 25/1 ew !!!!


James Hindle ‏@jameshindle82

@bettingemporium just put my bets on thanks to @SenseiChanning lets hope for 3 winning days in a row!


Leighton Cumber ‏@LeightonCumber

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers Fair play for replying to everyone one by one. GL at the tables and with the sports betting


Tom McWaters ‏@Tom_McH2O

@SRoss12 check out @bettingemporium (http://www.bettingemporium.com/ ) for Cheltenham tips. They are pro poker players who also know their horses...

Ken Powell ‏@kpnuts134

@SenseiChanning having it right off with his #CheltFest tips on @bettingemporium -- his new website co-owned by @joebeevers €€€€€


Jon Laud ‏@JonLaud

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers Neil, I think I love you


David Orrin ‏@davidTHEguvna

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers nice nice


Neil Channing ‏@SenseiChanning

That seemed pretty easy. Sometimes you just have to bet like men @bettingemporium @joebeevers


Matthew Pitt ‏@YorkyPuds

I may have to kiss @SenseiChanning if Vintage Star wins the 1440 at Cheltenham! You should all check out @bettingemporium

karl moore ‏@karlmoore33

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers well done, you can hawk my email address as many times as you like!!


Rich Prew ‏@tighty

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers Marvellous. Show-offs


Ben Blackmore ‏@BenBlackmore9

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers You make this seem so easy Neil, its not, fantastic stuff!


Myles Phago ‏@mylesfdo

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers weeee!!.....omfg only hands us the top two for the forecast to be landed as well!!

Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM The legend that is @SenseiChanning on @bettingemporium Will be able to afford some NEW ONES NOW :P #Cheltenham


Noel Hayes ‏@BigCityBanker

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers A bit like Hannibal in The A Team.


Ollie Noonan ‏@OllieNoonan1

So @SenseiChanning does it again. 1-2 in the Neptune at 11/2 & 15/2. Go to @bettingemporium and you can get these tips for free too.


carlo hassan ‏@boatracecarlo

@matchbookallan @senseichanning @bettingemporium another great bet 1st and 2nd... I bet f/c #getinthere


Babis .Gilly. Lappas ‏@SendTheNuts

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium @joebeevers fucking BOOOOOM

Mark Andrews ‏@superwombleuk

@harrypell_12 Check out http://bettingemporium.com  @bettingemporium Great guys, good write ups and lovely profit yesterday!


Gavin E L Hall ‏@GavinELHall

@bettingemporium Excellent analysis from @SenseiChanning Worried that I picked the RSA horse out too! Lv " If u must have bet...dont go mad"


Sam Razavi ‏@Sam_Razavi

I missed out on a big slice of Cheltenham Cake yesterday. Just signed up to @bettingemporium so I don't miss any more tips. Get involved!


Jake ‏@jakejenks

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium Fantastic performance yesterday, enjoy following that one!


rustycee ‏@rusty_cee

@SenseiChanning @joebeevers @bettingemporium this free money malarke needs some sort of tax for the effort!! #feellikeioweyousomething


James Moore ‏@Jamesracing1

@SenseiChanning @ChrisDBroom @bettingemporium Good stuff today Channers. Mares picks were inspired.

Steve Pötter ‏@steve_potter77

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium freerolling for the rest of the weeks racing and running like god on pokerstars #lifeisgood

Dave Cremin ‏@Jasperov

@SenseiChanning @bettingemporium thanks for helping me smash PaddyPower today, €900 profit on the racing, and up another €100 on football.

Some fantastic work going on by Neil on the NFL, keep up the great work, has taken my interest on American Football from zero to red hot.

Terrific previews there Neil, thanks.

Great write ups, really interesting reading and pretty incred results!
Marky 147

Fab write ups this week, Neil.
I really like the format of headlines first and detail underneath. Nice, clean and easily understood.

Far too good!!

Great stuff, good results and cracking write-ups, cheers chaps

First-class updates and a very interesting insight into how you work out your bets.
Absolutely loved it.

Yep, had a big day thanks to Mr Channing. Looking forward to tomorrow's instalment. Thanks for sharing with us.

The Channingmeister kicks in and we save the day. More of the same please Mr C.

Too good!!

Oi Oi
Winner and second!

Oi Oi!!! Thank you very much Neil, thank you
I've had a fantasticly fun day
Graham C

Incredible. What a day!

Look at the quality of the work he's put in; we were on for absolute jackpot today, still awesome tips/results ty Neil!

Class tipping.

Amazing work Mr Channing, that race with the 2nd and 3rd at 40/1 is the stuff all us who don't really do horses but like an interest love!

Neil, you utter utter hero


Jeff Kimber ‏@jeffkimberpoker 3h

@SenseiChanning gave two Oscar tips on his @bettingemporium site, both 4/1 by the time I got on. One winner equals a nice profit


Adam ‏@adasmith09 10h

Had a few bets on the Oscars. Barely know anything myself so just gone with someone who does @bettingemporium.