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Do you have trouble getting your bets on sometimes? Have your accounts been closed? or Do you want to follow some pro money?

Join Betconnect as a Pro and get other people to place your bets for you or join as a punter and place bets for others and follow them for free.

Pros pay a 3% commission Punters pay no commission.

Sign up today through Bettingemporium and get £50 in Free Matched Bets or a 50% discount on comms across all sports for your first month.

Watch the video below to give you a better idea of how it works.




It's well worth a look if you have trouble getting your bets on or if you want to follow some pros and see how it works.

Click on any of the banners or sign up HERE to get the reduced commission offer and the free £50 in bets

We use it and we love it!


Joe, Neil and the Bettingemporium.com Team.