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Since joining the team at Betting Emporium, 'StattoBets' Dave has delivered over 3400 selections for a total profit of 2130pts at 5.5%.

In terms of what that really means, a customer with him from the start in 2021, betting just £10 per point, would have returned a profit of over £21,000 in that time. Average bet size is about 12 points.

While Football and Darts provide the lions share of picks through the year, Tennis and Motor Racing have also chipped in with over £1000 in profits over that period as well.

Dave provides in depth write ups with analysis of why he is having certain bets so not only do you get to follow a proven winner you get to learn from him too.

We are in the middle of the 2023/24 soccer season which is covered and we have the Premier League Darts and Cazoo Masters (both on TV) coming up. We'll also look at The Bahrain and Dutch Masters for any value we might find. Subscribers will also get the UEFA Euro 2024 write ups and bets from Germany this summer.

We are so confident of Stattobets success that for new subscribers, and for those who haven't subscribed for over 3 months, we have a very special offer. Sign up before the end of January for a month's access. If at the end of your month you are in anyway unhappy, win or lose, we will refund the £50 to you in full - no quibbles. We can't be fairer than that.

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SOCCER - TENNIS - DARTS with Stattobets Dave - Monthly Subscriptions 


Stattobets Dave specialises mostly in English and International soccer, tennis majors and big darts tournaments. He shows a proven good long term profit as shown below.

Long Term Record - Overall Sports at January 1st 2024

Darts =  14767.50 (+1150.10) +7.79%

F1 = 142 (+67.10) +47.23%

Tennis = 3489 (+33.00) +0.95%

Football = 20743.50 (+881.60) +4.25%

TOTAL 39142.00 (+2131.70) +5.45%


Dave is currently covering soccer, darts and tennis (with an occassional bit of F1).


If you would like to join Stattobet Dave's army of winning followers first of all you will need to register on the website here

once registered please use the link below...

Monthly subs are £50 pcm and can be cancelled at any time. You can sign up here.



Stattobets record in 2023

Stakes 7078

Number of bets 683

Profit +989.40

ROI +13.98%


Stattobets record in 2021

January staked 705 profit +180.28 ROI +25.57%

February staked 800 profit +153.82 ROI +19.23%

March staked 525 profit + 201.21 ROI+ 38.32%

April staked 889 profit +371.18 ROI +41.75%

May staked 504 profit +138.84 ROI+27.55%

June staked 1236.50 LOSS -353.86 ROI -28.62%

July staked 758 profit +176.79 ROI+23.32%

August staked 654 profit +93.17 ROI 14.44%

September staked 464, LOSS 2.63 ROI -0.57%
October staked 1035 profit +242.91 ROI +23.47%
November staked 669 LOSS 194.72 ROI -29.11%
December staked 1264 profit +75.23 ROI+5.95%
2021 total 9494.50 staked, PROFIT +1082.22 @11.40%

Stattobets record in 2022

January staked 992 loss -97.94 ROI - 9.87%

February staked 618 profit +120.47 ROI +19.49%

March staked 242  profit +38.88 ROI +16.07%

April staked 445 loss -39.8 ROI -8.94%

May staked 265 profit 44.26 ROI +16.70%

June staked 209 loss -52.13 ROI -24.94%

July staked 592 profit +74.14 ROI +12.52%

August staked 556 profit +136.36 ROI +25.06%

September staked 382 profit +90.31 ROI +23.64%

October staked 839 loss -165.52 ROI - 19.73%

November staked 887 loss -110.05 ROI -12.41%

December staked 1029 loss -19.79 ROI -1.92%


2022 Total staked 7056 profit +6.20 ROI +0.09%


Stattobets record pre joining Bettingemporium

Staked 4356  Profit +526.70 ROI +12.09%

This includes an impressive ROI on soccer of +12.14%


Stattobets record since joining Bettingemporium in all soccer, tennis and darts

TOTAL 39142.00 (+2131.70) +5.45% (at 1st January 2024)



Monthly subs are £50 pcm and can be cancelled at any time. You can sign up here.


You can read more about Dave and the rest of the Bettingemporium Team here


Best of luck!

StattoBets Dave (Twitter @Stattobets)