Your New Tote is very different to what you may remember and is definitely worth taking a look at.

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Tote Guarantee:

Tote Guarantee means the Tote will always pay at least the SP and where the Tote dividend is greater than SP, you’ll get paid the bigger amount, the guarantee applies to Totewin and win parts of each way bets on all UK & Irish races. It’s available to all customers at, and now available on course in the UK.

Tote+ (plus):

The Tote doesn’t have to pay seller’s commission for bets taken directly on or, so the benefit is passed on to the customers in boosted dividends. This isn’t a short-term promotion but a long-term pricing proposition to ensure the Tote is competitive in the betting market and an attractive option for customers.

Before the introduction of Tote+ the Tote Dividend beat SP 30% of the time and matched on the remaining 70% thanks to Tote Guarantee. However, since Tote+ has been in place the Tote dividend has beaten SP 54% and of course matching on the remaining 46%. This is amplified further on exotic bets; the Tote+ exacta beats CSF 77% of the time, on average providing 21% more value per bet, and the Tote+ Trifecta also beats the bookmakers Tricast 77% of the time, on average providing 50% more value per bet.

World Pool:

World Pool is hosted by Hong Kong Jockey Club and sees bettors from over 20 countries all betting into the same pool on some of the biggest meetings of the year, the Tote is the only avenue in the UK to bet into the World Pool. In 2022 there were 17 world pool days on UK and Irish fixtures, which provided some fantastic value opportunities for Tote customers; over £541 Million was bet into the pools across the 17 days. The majority of additional liquidity is from Asia, which can see mispricing of runners due to the weight of recreational liquidity, with foreign bettors’ preference for world renowned trainers and jockeys.

Tote+ still enhances all dividends and SP is guaranteed, as a result the price beats SP 73%. World Pool operates under HKJC rules, consequently different place terms apply compared to standard UK rules and there is an even lower Tote takeout. As Tote+ and Tote Guarantee remain active on World Pool meetings, the blended margin sits at 103% and has consistently seen overbroke books (<100%)


The structure of pool betting means daily rollovers occur on Tote multileg bets, meaning there is dead money in the pools. The odds of winning remain the same but the pool size is inflated – something fixed odds betting can’t offer. There is also a Trifecta rollover race every weekend, where all the unwon money form the week’s Trifectas roll into one pot. As a result, the inflated Trifecta always pays more than the bookies Tricast, with an average dividend almost double the size. The Tote’s daily jackpot also has a minimum guaranteed pool of £10,000 per day, more often than not the units playing don’t cover the pool size which again sees opportunities for bettors to profit from inflated pool sizes compared to the number of live units.

Winners Welcome:

As a Pool betting operator, the Tote are completely agnostic to the result of the pool. Therefore, you can be assured instant confirmation of bet placement and no account will be closed or factored due to excess winnings. The Tote’s guarantees and dividend enhancements are available for everyone to enjoy from £20,000 singles on the World Pool to 1p perms on the Jackpot. There will also never be any premium commission applied to successful accounts, in fact winning accounts are positive for the Tote due to the fixed margin taken per bet.

Quick Access:

Text betting is the quickest and most convenient betting experience – no login delays, and instant confirmation of bet placement. It’s a brilliant way to bet on course when there’s no WIFI and your apps won’t load. Simply follow the steps below to get started on text betting or for a full explanation click here.

  1. You need a account with your correct mobile number registered.
  2. Make sure your Tote betting balance can cover your bets.
  3. Add the Tote short dial to your contacts: 68683 (6TOTE).
  4. Text your bets in the below format:

Win Example: 10 Tiger Roll

EW Example: 5 EW Tiger Roll

*No need for meeting, race time, runner number, currency.