Euros 2024 - What To Expect - Plus Great Free Resource

Euros 2024 - What To Expect - Plus Great Free Resource

Posted on 4 Jun 2024 16:49 in Euros 2024 - What To Expect - Plus Great Free Resource

Our Euro 2024 write ups, analysis and bets are included in Stattobets Dave's monthly subscriptions at £50 pcm (you can cancel at any time even after just one month)

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Dave has compiled a truly amazing free resource for everyone on the Euros, more details are below, and this is available in Googledocs here



What to Expect – Euro 2024 Service

The 2024 European Championships kick off on June 14th, and our man @StattoBets Dave has been working his little socks off over the past month to prepare an unrivalled data source to give us the maximum edge heading into the event. As such we’ll be providing a fully-loaded service for subscribers which will include ante-post previews in the week leading up to the tournament followed by daily previews of the matches taking place throughout the five weeks of the event.

In the ante-post section we’ll cover the important trends to look out for, including things like how teams have trended on their Elos and some of the important considerations to bear in mind during the tournament. We’ll also provide penalty takers and free kick taker information. At Betting Emporium we pride ourselves on “showing our working” – ultimately we want to teach you to become better punters, so you’ll see plenty of that rather than just a string of tips.

In terms of the data you’ll be able to access, Dave has produced a comprehensive and accessible view. He’s managed the 26-man squads for you, and for all (with a handful of exceptions) will be providing data on both their performances in Qualifying, as well as their domestic data from across 30 leagues for the past two seasons. The data covers everything you’d need to build all sorts of BetBuilders, including Shots, SOT, Fouls, Fouls Drawn and Passes.


What does it cost and how long am I committing for?

The @StattoBets package is £50 per complete month – or put another way around £1.47 a day. Not bad when a pint costs £5.50 and upwards these days. You’ll get all the Euros write up, where we might expect to average a bet or so per game I expect – there will be no-bet games but there will be others with more opportunities.  You’ll also get the highly profitable Darts selections as part of package, as well as any Tennis Dave delivers during Wimbledon if we find anything there.

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no quibbles, but of course we hope you’ll find it so good you’re still with us long into the 2024/25 football season, where Dave covers the EFL extensively, and also dips into European football from time to time, alongside all darts events.


Our Euro 2024 write ups analysis and bets are included in Statobets Dave's monthly subscriptions at £50 pcm (you cancancel at any time even after just one month)

You can subscribe here


More details on the Stattobets monthly service together with results can be seen here