Luckily the odds-compilers and the people playing around on Betfair have come to our rescue.
 Anyone who read and decided to follow the advice I gave in my Ryder Cup preview the other day should be on Justin Rose top European each-way at 7/1 and Justin Rose Top Englishman at 6/4. With two points out of a maximum five from two games things are looking good for both bets. I don't want to seem blinkered at all but I do believe the price on Rose for top European Points Scorer that is offered overnight is still too big.
 Justin has played two games and he'll play tomorrow morning. He is slight odds on to win and for him and Stenson to get to 3 points each, they are 5/1 to tie and both get to 2.5. I think either result will mean they get to play a 4th game in the afternoon but even if they do not and they "just" play four games I would expect them to be around the same price each to win their single. I'm allowing them 0.65 of a point for each of the singles match and the Saturday morning fourball. Even if you think I'm a bit strong there they are at least in for one point from the two and they also have a chance to play Saturday afternoon and be in for at least 0.4 more points on average.
 The guys on half or none have almost no chance to catch them and some of their prices would not attract me if you quadrupled them.
 It is a bit of a guessing game as to who plays in the afternoon and you might say that Justin wasn't putting all that great and it can't help when a bee stings your thumb, but all I can say is that 6/4 looks more like the price than 2/1 to my mind. You might also say that in your opinion he'll dead heat with Stenson a lot. It's certainly possible, but that would still make you a profit. All I know is that both are playing well, both are on two points but one was 10/1 on this market while the other was 7/1 at the start and they are now close to the same price. If I was told one of the two will play five matches that one is still Justin and not Henrik.
 If you wake up and read this and they've teed off I would still suggest checking out the in-running markets.
 I'm having 12 points at 2/1 Justin Rose Top Euro Points Scorer with Ladbrokes and Hills (Sportingbet are currently 9/4 if you are quick)."